Dental coverage is offered through Cigna.

Both cover 100% of preventive care and you can see dentists in and out of the Cigna network.

  • The basic Dental plan costs less, but has a higher deductible, a lower amount covered for the year and no orthodontic (i.e. braces) coverage. If your dental needs are low, this is an opportunity to save by purchasing only the coverage you need.
  • The Dental Plus plan costs more, but has a higher annual benefit, orthodontic coverage for the whole family and the deductible is lower. If you have major work coming up or a family member needs orthodontic care (i.e. braces), this will likely be the better choice.

Some highlights of both plans include:

  • You don’t need an ID card to receive dental care.
  • You don’t need to select a primary care dentist.
  • You don’t need a referral to receive care from a specialist.
  • Access to thousands of dentists, one directory.
  • Enroll in for more information such as plan information, oral health assessments, claim information and discounts on a variety of health and wellness services*
  • 24/7 access via mobile phone (app)